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RE: Ramps/Bridges over tree roots in pavement

Subject: RE: Ramps/Bridges over tree roots in pavement
From: Jim Quaife
Date: Sep 14 2021 09:47:22
Hi Andrew,
A common enough occurrence.  The principles that Bartlett show are sound and 
the adjacent wall is a distinct advantage for a raised surface (not support 
but containment).
Once the roots are revealed one can decide what to do.  The wall appears to 
be intact but the photograph does not show whether or not it has been 
repaired (it could have been).  There will need to be a ramp at each end and 
the required gradient means that it should be proportionately longer on the 
lower side. 
The grass level to each side will also have to be raised so that there is no 
raised edge to the path.

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Subject: Ramps/Bridges over tree roots in pavement

Hi All,

Is anybody aware of any technical guidance for building bridges or ramps over 
roots which have severely deformed pavements? The attached photo (if 
attachment has worked) will show that this is more than a shave and resurface 
job. The pavement rises by around 200mm from the surrounding levels at its 
highest point, and the crack on top creates a nice little trip hazard. 
Disabled access needs to be maintained, which is tricky, as the road is 
already on a gradient.

It is mentioned in this Barlett research 
( but I 
wondered if there was anything else?

Does anybody have any experience or examples they would share?


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