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Re: Pleached Limes

Subject: Re: Pleached Limes
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Sep 14 2021 14:01:24
Thanks all. These Limes are 3m tall. A row of well-maintained cubes of

foliage touching the neighbouring cube. The Tree Officer wants to include

them when modifying an area TPO at confirmation. There is no dispute about

the inclusion of a great many large Limes, Oaks, Horse Chestnut, Plane and

Walnut. This just seemed like overkill.



Why do they want to add the pleached limes? Are they looking for work?
Sounds like someone is not very focused. I would quote s 198 back at them "
If it appears to a local planning authority that it is expedient in the
interests of amenity to make provision for the preservation of trees or
woodlands.." How does serving a TPO on trees (don't split hairs) that are
expected to be pruned at least once a year (and possibly twice a year to
some keen gardener) in the "interests of amenity"? The owner or their
agent/gardener will need to anticipate the need to get permission each year
and submit an application for permission 8 weeks in advance of their planned
works; they may as well set up a regular account on the planning portal and
submit an application every year. Just like a standing order, e.g. let's
submit it each year on 1st January. Just copy the last one and resubmit. The
council really can't do anything else but give permission to what is routine
pruning. Does the tree officer want to visit once a year to see exactly what
they saw last year and issue the identical permission letter? What a waste
of time & money! Yes, a multiple year application/permission might be
applied but is that really necessary if the intention is to manage the
pleached limes as they were intended. The only thing that the TPO will do is
prevent the pleached trees being removed. If there is no threat to them
being removed is there a need? Doesn't sound like it.




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