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Government reshuffle.

Subject: Government reshuffle.
From: Bill Anderson
Date: Sep 17 2021 09:39:02
I always sort of liked life when John Prescott renamed the DoE (or was it
something else by then?) the ODPM; we could put a face to it and we sort of
knew who was in charge (and it wasn't some oxbridge person). After Mr
Prescott was caught with his trousers down and it was renamed DeCLoG,
somebody else didn't like the name so it became MHCLG, to most recently be
led by someone called Jenrick, who I'd struggle to pick out in a line-up.
However it seems we've now got a certain Mr Michael Gove in charge, wonder
if he'll have anything to say about the time it's taking to get my TPO
appeals heard? It seems he's going to stick his oar in with nimbyism so
what that might do to the TPO system is anybody's guess. He briefly stuck
his paddle in the Sheffield tree dispute to resounding indifference, so I
wonder if this is going to amount to anything....


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