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Re: Forest Fires

Subject: Re: Forest Fires
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Oct 07 2021 11:14:18
Interesting and sensible to plant trees that don't burn like tinder, although I'm not sure that 'native good, non-native bad' is necessarily applicable across the board.It's certainly the case that Eucalyptus has exacerbated forest fires in parts of Europe and probably elsewhere. But as far as I know the fires that have affected Greece (for instance) largely involved native species. And what, I wonder, are the species that have been burning in the States, in Greece and in Siberia?  Are they native (to the areas being burned) or not?

Also, the fact that a vineyard that's constantly irrigated doesn't burn is hardly surprising, and not of wide relevance in countries that don't have wide access to water.

On 07/10/2021 11:37, Michael Richardson wrote:
Another video of climate change and non native tree - bad, native - good.

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