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UKTC - What happens to it next?

Subject: UKTC - What happens to it next?
From: David Evans
Date: Oct 14 2021 12:00:42


The UKTC is going to die.  Likely, between 6-12 months.


I've raised this before, but catching up with Ben Rose this morning on the
phone he suggested I might not have made it clear enough and should raise it


I caught up with Chris Hastie (UKTC owner) for the first time in an age just
recently.  He's definitely going to pull the plug on the UKTC because he no
longer has anything to do with arboriculture, and doesn't have the time or
interest to maintain it.  The software also desperately needs an upgrade.


So, who wants to take it on?


When I raised this before, I said in the absence of anyone else taking it on
I'd have a look at VALID funding it as part of its not-for-profit community
interest company remit, if the admin side of things and costs weren't too
burdensome.  The discussion forum software I'm looking to use for VALID's
community is free and open source, and has the all-important email facility.
With my scant knowledge about such things, it looks to me like it wouldn't
be too much hassle or cost too much to host a separate UKTC forum.


That said, I'd much rather someone else took it on.




Acer Ventura


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