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Fate of Forum

Subject: Fate of Forum
From: Michael Richardson
Date: Oct 14 2021 16:35:50
I certainly hope something can be done to save it.

There is no other (tree) forum that offers what this forum does.
Knowledge, help, consultant-based, and free.

Most of the other forums are about tree cutting and tree cutters with
little for the person doing something else.  The two forums that are still
operating (that I know) are often a mindless rehash of the same questions.
The old ISA forum collapsed and will not return as ISA is not interested in
anything now other than monetizing everything.  The ASCA forum requires a
huge investment in membership.

I would be more than happy for an annual subscription fee to keep UKTC


Michael Richardson B.Sc.F., BCMA
Ontario MTCU Qualified Arborist
Richardson Tree Care


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