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Re: Olive Trees UK

Subject: Re: Olive Trees UK
From: Bill Kowalczyk
Date: Oct 21 2021 12:54:17
Hi Mark

Was your "south-facing lawn" exposed to early-morning sunshine?

As I understand it, the rapid thaw from early-morning sunshine is what
causes a lot of frost damage to 'tenderish' plants...



On 10/21/21, Mark Mackworth-Praed <> wrote:
Hello Will

I planted one several years ago in a fairly sheltered (as I thought)
south-facing lawn in the soft south (Surrey), but quite elevated (600ft
AOD). I rigged up a fleece-covered wooden frame to put around it during the
winters as a precaution, and all seemed well until about year 5, when there
was an unexpected sharp frost very early in October. Killed it outright.
So I think that it's not low winter temperatures that get them, but the
early, late, or otherwise unseasonal frosts which are a feature of the UK

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