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Biodiversity value of a private garden lawn?

Subject: Biodiversity value of a private garden lawn?
From: Bill Anderson
Date: Nov 15 2021 16:24:52
Angus said: I'm deeply skeptical of the biodiversity value of a private
garden lawn and indeed any landscaping put in place by commercial

I'd say you were right to be sceptical Angus, but Sheffield University did
a study that showed domestic housing away from city centres had better
biodiversity than intensely cultivated agricultural land. (Google
"biodiversity in urban gardens, bugs1 and bugs 2") However I suspect it
takes some time for this sort of biodiversity to develop in back gardens,
and I suspect the usual housebuilders' landscaping schemes are only a step
in vaguely the right direction. I'm sick to the back teeth of supermarket
car park type planting that features Cherry Laurel and other allelopathic
plants that do very little to improve biodiversity. I'd rather see new
developments with no landscaping and the new occupants actually taking an
interest. How you legislate for that I dunno.

I've not read the biodiversity net gain matrix thing yet but if it doesn't
acknowledge that removing some plants is actually to improve biodiversity
then there's something wrong with it.


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