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Re: Tree planting and underground services

Subject: Re: Tree planting and underground services
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Nov 16 2021 09:08:40
Thanks Mike and Jim - Pretty much as I assumed; but my question was whether there are are there any regulations or official guidance, specifically with regard to cables and other conduits that are not readily prone to disruption by root growth.

(Background: a local group wants to improve tree cover by planting on verges and open spaces but it is routinely refused permission by the company holding the 'public realm' management contract, on the grounds of there being 'services' present. So far there has been great reluctance to disclose what services are present where, but apart from access to the underground service maps, what's needed is some basic information on what they can or can't reasonably refuse. The suspicion is that they just don't want more trees that they might have to take responsibility for...)

On 15/11/2021 19:21, Jim Quaife wrote:
It depends on the trench spec for the services, but based on the mature size 
of the tree the potential distortion of cables is unlikely to cause problems, 
most pipes are robust (check for cast iron!), but glazed earthenware with 
clay-sealed joints can be at risk.
It just requires research with the services companies.

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Subject: Tree planting and underground services

Are there regulations (or guidance) for lateral clearances required (or
advised) for tree planting over or near underground electric cables?
NJUG discusses the depth at which services should be set but it is
largely guidance for installing services near trees, not planting trees
near services.
Is there any reason or justification for prohibiting planting in a wide
verge because there are a couple of cables?
(I take for granted that precautions need to be taken to avoid direct
damage to cable, although I'm only talking about hand planting - no
mini-diggers or tree spades involved.)

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