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School or college Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategy | New

Subject: School or college Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategy | New
From: David Evans
Date: Nov 18 2021 12:55:55
This might interest those of you who carry out tree risk assessments at
schools or colleges

We've just uploaded and shared a new Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategy
template for schools or colleges in the Landowner section of the Risk
Management page on our website.

This work was prompted by a Validator asking for some client guidance.  As
with the other Strategies and publications, we've waived copyright, and it's
shared under a creative commons licence.

The difference between the Landowner & School Strategies is the size of land
and number of staff.

Many staff who spend a lot of time working outside have been trained as
Basic Validators.  Like the University of Dundee.

Usually, one or two caretakers who spend some time working outside and
haven't been trained as Basic Validators.  When they're outside, they carry
out Passive Assessment by keeping an eye out for Obvious Tree Risk Features;
particularly after storms.


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