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Subject: WMP Opinions
Date: Nov 21 2021 10:11:53
Morning all,

                     Wanted general thoughts from you. I'm likely to be
asked to advise on a circa 5/8(TBC) acre woodland site with an existing
small modern dwelling, the client is likely to extend or build replacement,
site is covered by a wider  Woodland /area TPO. Area appears to be on edge
of SANW plus various other designations  so there will be the normal
planning considerations, the LPA are likely to condition a WMP as part of
the planning even though its TPO'd  or should do, not too sure at this stage
what volume of timber is to removed if any apart from Ash as ADD is
prevalent in the area. I am minded to submit a WMP to the FC as it will
cover all eventualities  due to the complexities of the site. Any thoughts
or comments ?



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