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Re: Biodiversity value of a private garden lawn?

Subject: Re: Biodiversity value of a private garden lawn?
From: AV Arboriculture
Date: Nov 22 2021 09:04:08
I am not an ecologist, I know nothing of Klinger's authority and I haven't 
read Klinger's papers, but a quick look at one of his papers' summaries shows 
lots of clauses expressing uncertainty (excerpts below, the highlights are 
mine). I am still to be convinced that all forests will tend towards 
peat-bogs. Call me old-fashioned but I would need more scientific consensus 
and more scientific evidence. 

"This paper presents a model of a possible Gaian mechanism related to 
landscape-level successional changes during a glacial-interglacial cycle. The 
model is based on the view that terrestrial successions converge toward bogs, 
rather than toward old-growth forest, and that bogs represent structurally 
and compositionally stable (climax) communities. T he model also assumes , as 
in classical successional theory, that during the course of succession the 
biota modifies the environment, both the soil and the atmosphere, to favor 
the progression of succession toward the climax state." 

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