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Swamp Cypress

Subject: Swamp Cypress
From: Oisin Kelly
Date: Nov 22 2021 12:35:04
Thoughts please.

I have been looking at a large swamp cypress (25m tall, 125cm DBH). It was previously twin stemmed, but one of the stems was truncated at 4m. Image attached.

In the past few years, it has shed several branches  - around 2 to 4m long, with basal diameter up to 150mm. After each occasion, I have inspected, but have not found any sign of disease, dysfunction that might alert one to further failures. I suspect, this may be something typical of the species and age. Does anyone have knowledge or experience of this? Also, any ideas on what pruning might be reasonably carried out to reduce the risk of branch failure - the short side branches do not seem to lend themselves to lateral reduction.




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