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Re: Swamp Cypress

Subject: Re: Swamp Cypress
From: Oisin Kelly
Date: Nov 23 2021 11:11:14
Thanks all

Rupert - No deliberate cloud pruning, as far as I'm aware.

Anthony - not pruned apart from the removal of a twin stem many, many years ago.

Mark MP - "they frequently shed portions of themselves in high winds". A welcome UK perspective. Not one mirrored by US comments, as as I have been able to glean.

Simon - As my earlier reply, sounds very similar, albeit on a sandy soil, in sunny suffolk. But it is exposed.

Regards O


On 22/11/2021 17:56, Mark Mackworth-Praed wrote:
Hello Oisin

Owen (Johnson) comments (Arboretum, p.202) that "one has never been known to blow down in 
Britain, but the timber is soft and uncannily light and they frequently shed portions of 
themselves in high winds". Mitchell and Lonsdale both say that Swamp Cypress is 
"remarkably disease-free" so rather like Jerry, I wonder if the branch shedding is a 
result of greater wind-exposure following the removal of the second stem, and not a sign of any 
disease as such.

All the best
Mark MP

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Thoughts please.

I have been looking at a large swamp cypress (25m tall, 125cm DBH). It was 
previously twin stemmed, but one of the stems was truncated at 4m.
Image attached.

In the past few years, it has shed several branches  - around 2 to 4m long, 
with basal diameter up to 150mm. After each occasion, I have inspected, but have 
not found any sign of disease, dysfunction that might alert one to further 
failures. I suspect, this may be something typical of the species and age. Does 
anyone have knowledge or experience of this? Also, any ideas on what pruning might 
be reasonably carried out to reduce the risk of branch failure - the short side 
branches do not seem to lend themselves to lateral reduction.


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