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Re: Whacky? a change of subject line - Miyawaki

Subject: Re: Whacky? a change of subject line - Miyawaki
From: AV Arboriculture
Date: Dec 01 2021 11:31:46
It's not that Jon; I welcome scientific critique. But from the tone of your 
email it did feel like you were having a go at me for not staying up all 
night finding the answers you wanted. 

The method has been adopted across much of the world. It has only come to 
Europe in the last decade or so, but as of 2011 there were 1700 of these 
forests planted, mostly in non-western countries. I suspect that we haven't 
even aware of them because most of the publicity has been in a language other 
than English. We haven't been aware of them but plenty of others across the 
globe have. The city of Chennai is putting money into funding them; the Prime 
Minister of Pakistan is doing the same. We are simply behind the curve. It's 
easy to think that every great innovation comes from the West, but this is 
simply wrong. 

I did find the reference to 10x growth rate, and quite quickly. I was right 
that the '10x' reference was a maximum, rather then the median. I regret 
posting those 'statistics' without greater interrogation of their source, but 
I would really like not to focus on them. As I said previously, I don't think 
that is the greatest benefit from these forests. 

The easiest way to find the information you want is to: 

1. Download this document as a PDF (it will be around 35MB): [

2. Use the <FIND> function in your PDF viewer and search for whatever term 
you want, e.g. "growth rates". You should see a list of 'hits' in a margin of 
the window, which will allow you to rapidly move to relevant sections. I use 
a Mac so it might work slightly differently for PC users, but the 
functionality should be there. 

I need to go earn some money so am offline for the next couple of days. 

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