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Re: Iconic tree to be preemptively removed

Subject: Re: Iconic tree to be preemptively removed
From: Russ Carlson
Date: Dec 04 2021 13:33:51
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I've seen this tree a few times. It sits on top of a hill, much
frequented by park visitors. One of the most photographed trees in
Philadelphia. It has been in decline for several years, now dropping
sizeable limbs. The decision to remove was not taken lightly, and was
made by arborists, not pols. I have not worked much with ancient tree
techniques (not sure if 90 years qualifies in any way) nor with
retrenchment techniques. However, I do not think it would do more than
reduce the risk temporarily while the tree finishes dying. The city
cannot afford to spend money on keeping one tree around a few years
longer while there are hundreds that need attention or removal. The money
is not in the budget for that.

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