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Tree failure & fatality

Subject: Tree failure & fatality
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Jan 10 2022 10:27:45
It is interesting to read these three reports which slipped into the media
just before Christmas as far as I can see:


The newspaper has some vital evidence which suggests that the council had
received reports but not done anything/sufficient. The HSE reports the facts
of the matter as prosecutor. The council's website reads "council
fined"..after a "freak accident". Is this not something of a contradiction -
a freak accident doesn't lead to a fine (?).  Coroner recorded an accidental
verdict. The leader of the council's statement appears to acknowledge


If the council does have a relevant "Code of Practice" it is not easily
found on their website - in fact I can't find any reference to council owned
trees at all. Anyone seen a copy?





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