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Re: Estimating tree ages based on trunk diameter/girth

Subject: Re: Estimating tree ages based on trunk diameter/girth
From: Gilbert Addison
Date: Jan 12 2022 18:24:31
This was the point of contention I had to establish in a dispute with a tree-clearing developer back in the dreamtime. I chose to take cores from relevant adjacent trees (yes I'm aware of the risks inherent) and demonstrated that tree in contention would have been subject to the area TPO. The developer's consultant - a now deceased AAAC - admitted to me that 'I had them' but Legal nonetheless declined to proceed .........


On 12/01/2022 16:58, Simon Pryce Arboriculture wrote:
If you're dealing with an area TPO all you need is to prove that it's younger than the order and, if not, whether it has enough amenity value to justify being protected.


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