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Re: Fungi and tree growth - more important than weather.

Subject: Re: Fungi and tree growth - more important than weather.
From: Bill Kowalczyk
Date: Jan 13 2022 16:44:35
I'm with you on that Antony.

I've just finished reading The Orchard Keeper by Cormac McCarthy. I
love his remarkably descriptive prose, particularly regarding the
landscape, plants and animals. This one is set in Tennessee and
mentions an Indian Pipe plant, so I looked that up.

It's an ericaceous plant with no chlorophyll, getting its energy by
parasitising Russula species, which in turn are mycorrhizal with
(mainly) Beech trees. Cue: mind exploding emoji!

The more I find out, the more I realise I was dumber than I thought I was...



On 1/13/22, Antony Croft <> wrote:

While this is not a revelation, it is another step in the right direction,
one day mycology will be considered one of the most important of all areas
of study, and the most interesting, for they are truly gifted organisms,
and no doubt do more work on earth than any other organism.

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