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Re: Fungi and tree growth - more important than weather.

Subject: Re: Fungi and tree growth - more important than weather.
From: Bill Kowalczyk
Date: Jan 14 2022 15:24:30
Hey all,

For those with access to BBC Sounds you may be interested in a program
on R4 (2 x 30 minute episodes) called Fungi: The New Frontier.

I was impressed by a call for new language in life sciences and that
we should be expanding our remit to consider a third "F" ie. Flora,
Fauna AND Funga.

The author also referenced a quote I liked (he attributed to Richard
Feynman but my internet attributes to Socrates); "The only true wisdom
is knowing you know nothing" which I particularly thought Wayne might
like to add to his lexicon of memorable quotes... you're welcome :o)

Another interesting show this week (5 x 15 minute episodes),  was
extracts from book called Islands of Abandonment by Cal Flyn.

Each programme is a reflection on different areas where nature has
been left to itself.

Enjoy (if that's your kind of thing).



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