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Re: Fungi and tree growth - more important than weather.

Subject: Re: Fungi and tree growth - more important than weather.
From: Bill Kowalczyk
Date: Jan 14 2022 17:02:56
Hey! Don't shoot the messenger!

Your list was missing Jacob Rees Mogg

On 1/14/22,
<> wrote:
Fact Check!

Ummmmm......5 kingdoms, 6 kingdoms.....7 kingdoms?????

Finding that fungi are not plants is attributed to Robert Whittaker in 1959
.....and that added a fifth to the previously established 4 (OK, I didn't
know that, but I did get a bit of assistance from Mx Google).  I know you
forgot about Protista and Monera, didn't you?.....The non-fungus
Phytophthora sits amongst this lot, but I can't keep track of name changes &
the movable feast of that stuff.

Since then Bacteria have been split in two: Archaea and Bacteria, and the
seventh kingdom of Cavalier-Smith, who added Chromista.

Stay alert!

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