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Subject: RE: Taming the Garden
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Jan 15 2022 11:49:47
Jerry Ross - from my mobile
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<> Date: 15/01/2022  10:41  (GMT+00:00) To: UK Tree 
Care <> Subject: Taming the Garden This beautifully 
filmed and depressing documentary might interest 
you."A powerful man, who is also 
the former prime minister of Georgia, hasdeveloped an exquisite hobby.  He 
collects century old trees along Georgia'scoastline.  He commissions his men 
to uproot them and bring them to hisprivate garden. Some of these trees are 
as tall as 15-floor-buildings.  Andin order to transplant a tree of such 
dimensions some other trees arechopped down, electric cables are shifted and 
new roads are paved throughmandarin plantations.The film moves the concept of 
uprooting from its metaphorical meaning intoan oppressive, tangible and yet 
surreal reality."CheersAcer Ventura-- The UK Tree Care mailing listTo 
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