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RE: Fungi and tree growth - more important than weather.

Subject: RE: Fungi and tree growth - more important than weather.
From: grumpy
Date: Jan 17 2022 12:53:04
Jon- The term 'funga' is not claimed as a 'kingdom' any more than flora and 
fauna are. The woman on the program gave a presentation in the arb. 
Association fungus symposium a few months ago. It's all about getting fungi 
included in legislation which has previously been limited to protecting 
'flora and fauna'; 


I haven't had a chance to listen/watch any programmes but you may be 
interested to know that whilst Science may have moved on, the law has not: it 
is not restricted to flora and fauna but does appear to use all embracing 
terms animals and plants.

My copy of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 Schedule 8 lists "Plants 
which are protected". These include a section on Non Vascular Plants, 5 of 
which are fungi (including the oak polypore) and around 29 are lichens.

Whilst s.13 defines  what is prohibited (pick, uproot, destroy and 
selling/advertising the sale) and this looks more plant than fungus focused, 
the reality of how law as a tool works has to be taken into account. If the 
fungus is well and truly inbedded in substrate it seems unlikely that someone 
picking a toadstool could be prosecuted for destroying a fungus. Picking yes 
and selling/advertising yes.

So why aren't more fungal species on the list? The JNCC is responsible for 
updating the list (s.24(1), every 5 years apparently). It's up to them as to 
what is on the list. The law does not prevent the list getting longer. 
Perhaps politicians might but we don't know that.


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