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stability of surviving stem of a split co-dominant tree.

Subject: stability of surviving stem of a split co-dominant tree.
From: "Rupert Baker"
Date: Jan 17 2022 16:19:49
Dear Forum,

                I've been musing about this for some time; if one has a tree
which was double-leadered, with a pair of codominant stems and a tight
compression fork between them; and one of the stems fails - which does
happen, especially on smaller diameter trees -what effect does the loss of
one of the two stems have on the stability of the remaining one. I can see
at least three factors in play - on the positive side the same amount of
wood in cross sectioaln area is supporting the remaining stem; as negatives
that remaining stem loses shelter from its pair; and there is likely to be a
degree of decay setting into the exposed wood.  obviously it is going to
depend on factors like the degree of exposure of the remaining stem; and how
tall and leggy this is; how vigorous the regrowth is or might be; whether
tre tree is a 'clean' ior a 'sprouty' specimen;  but I wonder if anyone has
come across any research on the subject or can advise from their own

                for what it is worth in my experience some can be left and
others need either reducing or taking out entirely; but hopefully someone
out there has a more authoritative view!

All the best



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