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RE: Hoyle v Hampshire County Council - Negligence Test

Subject: RE: Hoyle v Hampshire County Council - Negligence Test
From: David | VALID
Date: May 10 2022 12:41:35
<<Quick question does a large cavity in the main stem constitute a tree risk 

Hi Steve

Quick answer.  No, it's not an 'Obvious Tree Risk Feature'.

Slightly expanded.

We need to see decline before a large cavity is of concern.  Even then, large 
cavities are often the strongest and stiffest part of the tree because they 
usually have high section modulus values.

During Basic Validator training, one of our objectives is getting civilians 
(non-Arborists) comfortable with not flagging cavities (false positives), 
which usually have good response growth on top of a high section modulus 

I'm not being pedantic here, but they're 'Obvious Tree Risk Features', not a 
tree risk feature.  Obvious tree risk features is a very specific turn of 
phrase that peppers the Strategies, which is where we explain the base rate 
risk of what we're managing is lower than driving for about 400km/250mi.  The 
base rate risk is one of the strategic pillars that explains and justifies 
what you're looking out for and why.


Acer Ventura

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