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This Friday’s shamelessly off-topic thread

Subject: This Friday’s shamelessly off-topic thread
From: Jonathan Hazell
Date: Jun 17 2022 04:31:16
Dear all,

A volunteer-led organisation that I am involved in is looking at how to
refresh and modernise the job titles within their structure, from local to
national level, to make the roles easier to understand and to help
interested parties to access the right person at the first attempt.

I wonder if those of you working in local government or commercial
organisations at a national scale might have done the same thing, and if
so, were there any templates that might be shared privately with me that I
could view to see if they could cross-over into the voluntary world?

If you are able to respond, thank you, and please DM me with an email
address and I will get back to you.

All the best,


Jonathan Hazell
07501 XXXXXX

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