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Walnuts (European) hybridisation, and identification.

Subject: Walnuts (European) hybridisation, and identification.
From: Antony Croft
Date: Jun 30 2022 09:03:10
Hi all, I live in eastern Europe. As you probably know, The region is as
dense in walnuts with a similar jay spread ecology and pioneer habit as the
Oaks in the u.k.

I'm noticing some differences in walnuts, with a wide range of nuts, and
leaf shapes. One form in particular being much more slender in the
individual pinnate leaves this one in particular in my own garden and
producing identical kin within my no dig mulched kitchen garden thanks to
the previously mentioned jays!

Is there a chance these are Juglans Nigra hybrids? and is there a
definitive reference on the Juglans specifically with identifications and

Important as I try to develop stock trees that may or may not  produce the
better quality of nuts, and I can't wait ten years to find one, nor can I
sell them as trees without certainty.

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