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two million ancient trees?

Subject: two million ancient trees?
From: Bill Anderson
Date: Jul 02 2022 16:24:17
New map of ancient trees an opportunity for conservation - BBC News

I dunno how many of us will have noted this bit of research that was
published a couple of days ago; it was all over R4 and Ben McIntyre's
written about it in the Times this morning, but it is it just me who's a
bit doubtful?

I mean I'm quite happy to accept that there's a lot of smaller veteran
trees in our immediate environment, Ian Rotherham wrote about them in the
Arb Journal not long ago, and you don't have to venture far from the beaten
track in my nearby bit of the Peak District to find Hawthorns that are
quite clearly much older than their diminutive size would suggest, but two
million extra in the UK? one every 30 acres?


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