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Robot mowers.

Subject: Robot mowers.
From: Bill Anderson
Date: Sep 30 2022 13:43:40
Now then, have we, the Arb fraternity, got an opinion on these
labour-saving devices? Obviously the tiny lawn at the back of my house is
too small and gets the minimum of attention anyway, but I've just been to
look at a lady's Oak tree with a fairly immaculately-striped lawn beneath,
and ended up discussing whether we should sabotage her husband's mower to
stop him cutting the grass. The ground seems seriously compacted and we
ended up speculating that a robot mower would cause less compaction, and in
cutting the grass more frequently but not removing the trimmings (I think
they get left on the ground) would probably be better for the soil, and
thus the tree.

Anybody got any thoughts?


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