The UK Tree Care mailing list

About the UKTC

The UK Tree Care mailing list, or UKTC as it’s known, is an email discussion forum principally aimed at arboriculturists and other tree care professionals practicing in the United Kingdom.

Established since 1999, the UKTC is the UK’s longest running internet discussion forum for arboriculturists. Bringing together arborists from all sectors of the industry, and from across the country and further afield, we have over 500 members and carry an average of around 120 messages every week.

Membership of the UKTC is open to anyone who is involved or interested in caring for trees. Whilst the discussion has a UK focus, the group is not limited to people based in the UK and we have many active contributors from around the globe.

How to subscribe

Subscribing to the UKTC is free and couldn’t be easier. Just send an email to, or you can subscribe from the list’s management site.

How to post a message

Sending a message to the UK Tree Care mailing list couldn’t be easier.

Once you have subscribed then all you do is send an e-mail to

Your message will then be relayed to all the other members and the discussion begins!