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Privacy Statement


When you subscribe to the mailing list, your subscription details will be kept and processed. In confirming your subscription to the mailing list by returning the confirmation email you will be deemed to have consented to your information being processed.

This Privacy Statement explains what data we will keep about you, what we use those data for, who has access to them and how we will comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

If you have any further questions when you have read through this statement please do not hesitate to contact us.

Data Controller

The Data Controller, for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, is Chris Hastie. He can be contacted using our contact page. Chris Hastie is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. His registration number is Z7039696.

What data are held and why

In all cases we keep a record of your email address along with information about your subscription preferences. This is needed to operate the mailing list.

If you supply them, we will also keep a record of your country of origin, your employer’s name and the industry sector you work in. These data are used only for statistical analysis of the list membership, which may be used to target potential sponsors of the list.

If you send messages to the mailing list we keep a record of how many messages you have sent and the total size of those messages. This is needed to monitor the performance of our systems and help enhance the service we offer. A copy of the message will also be retained in the mailing list’s archive.

How to see your data

You can access and edit the data we hold on you by logging in at the your account. You will need a password to log in – if you don’t yet have one or have forgotten it you can get a new password sent to you using the form linked from there.

Who else can see your data

Your personal subscription data can only bee seen by the list owner, Chris Hastie, and by a small number of List Administrators who help him with the work. All the List Administrators are situated within the EU and are bound by the Data Protection Act 1998 in the UK or by equivalent legislation in another EU member state. However, your data may be stored on a computer outside of the European Economic Area. Your subscription records will only be shown to some one else if we are required to do so by law.

The content of any message you send to the list is placed in the list archive, which is available publicly world wide on the web. In posting a message to the list you will be deemed to have consented to this message being made publicly available and transferred via the Internet to territories outside the European Economic Area.

The results of statistical analysis of the list membership are also available publicly world wide on the world wide web.

How long we keep your data

Your subscription records will be kept until you unsubscribe from the list. When you unsubscribe your records are deleted.

The one exception is people who have broken the list’s Terms of Use and have been barred from the list as a consequence. In this situation it is necessary to keep a record of the barred subscribers’ email address until the bar is lifted.

Messages that you have sent to the list will remain in the archive indefinately.

How we keep your data secure

Your subscription records are kept in secured files for which only the minimum access necessary to run the mailing list and administration software is granted. It can not be accessed without passwords. The computer on which it is kept is carefully firewalled and we make every effort to keep the software up-to-date and free from known security problems.

Your password is the key to your data. You should not let anyone else have it. If it is compromised you should change it immediately.

How we use cookies

We use cookies on our web site to record that you have successfully logged in and are authorised to view the data we hold about you. We do not use cookies to gather additional information in any way. The cookies we set are removed when you log out, when your session times out or when you close your browser.

Please be aware that sites that are linked to from our site, those of advertisers for example, may have different policies regarding the use of cookies. You should check on the linked site to find out the policy of a particular site.

Other data – logs

In common with other providers of Internet services, we keep logs of all access to our systems. These are used to analyse performance, identify problems and detect any security breach. They generally identify only connecting computers rather than the individuals operating them.

System logs are only accessible to system administrators. They are rotated and are generally not kept for more than a month, unless there is a specific problem which requires further analysis. The results of statistical analysis of logs may be kept indefinately.

It may occasionally be necessary to pass log extracts to support personnel in order to track down problems. When this is done any data which might identify individuals are anonomised. Support personnel may be outside the European Economic Area.

In the event of attempted or succesful security breaches relevant log extracts will be passed to the ISP of the computer concerned and to the authorities. In attempting to circumvent our security you will be deemed to have given your consent to us passing logs relating to this action to third parties that may be outside of the EEA.